Grey failed prints, resin a bit old

I’ve got issues with form 2, gray resin

Prints are coming out missing parts, fine details are like chewed off. One print i’ve got had no part(just supports)

This is coming out of the new cartridge, new vat, i cleaned the optical window and see no dust or contamination(slight one on the sides, on the other side of the glass one i can’t reach, but not in the spot where i print normally)

My suspect is that this cartridge was sitting on a shelf for maybe 10 months(but it was closed). Can resin deteriorate that way?
Also i noticed that the quality reduces on the sides of the print vat( in the center looks a bit better)

Also, at some point, my tough resin(also a bit old) stopped sticking completely to the build plate. Can this also be resin age related?

It may be due to the resin being old, as Formlabs has suggested 12 months life on the Grey resin. The resin should have a manufactured date on the cartridge itself and the box it came in. Check those to see if it is passed the life expectancy.

As LonnieM said and you guessed, it could very well be deterioration due to age.

I would try shaking the cartridge A LOT before your next print. I mean for 10 minutes straight (I’m not kidding). That’s helped me in the past. There are pigments and photoactivators in the resin which tend to settle over time. Also give the resin in the tray a good stirring (in fact I’d put it into an old grey cartridge and shake that too).

If you have paint strainers, wouldn’t hurt to filter that resin from the failed print.

Also inspect the optical window of your tank (aka tray). The fact that the edges are worse than the center could indicate clouding which might be interfering with your print.

If you still have trouble, and the resin is within its lifespan, suggest you open a ticket with the friendly support people.


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