Lumps in tough resin

Just crack-opened my tough resin cartridge, paired with a new tank and it seems that Form 2 has problems filling the tank. In the first minutes there were few colored (green) lumps floating in transparent other thing. Both cartridge and tank are new, what could be the problem?

Hey there @Atelier99!

Sorry to hear about the issues with your cartridge of our Tough resin? Can you tell me when this resin was originally purchased?

Secondly, does the resin get nicer if you give the cartridge a good shake before inserting it in the printer? If the material hasn’t been used in a while there’s potential that it might have settled a bit.

Thank you for the information!

@DKirch - we purchased it somewhere in january / february 2017 and open it just now. After a good shake nothing happened, tried this. Bottom hole was clogged with these lumps. Poured some in a separate reservoir to see closer what it is, these lumps don’t mix again with the rest of the liquid. It also looks like it sedimented on the bottom of the cartridge, because when I poured from the top neck of the cartridge, resin was smooth and clean.

Thanks so much for the information!

I would recommend getting in touch with our support team at the link below and we’d be happy to help you investigate what’s going on a little more closely.

If we determine that the best course of action is to swap the cartridge out so we can get you printing that’s certainly an option! :slight_smile:

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