White Resin Printing Problems

I’m also having problems printing large parts with the white resin. These are  my problems:

  • large crack splitting the part in two

  • details close the base not fully printed

  • supports for details close to the base missing

The advise a got from Formlabs was to increase the thickness of the base. (Se below)


It could be something related to compression. Do you have a caliper on hand? If yes, please measure the thickness of the printed bases for your parts. A healthy base should be around 1.7mm-2mm. Thin bases can cause over-compression; adding extra layers to the initial base can help supports generate and parts adhere. Please note that the Base Thickness number set in PreForm does not directly correlate to the printed base due to tolerances in the PDMS layer of the resin tank. We recommend bumping your Base Thickness setting up to 4mm to achieve desired thickness in the print.

Please let me know what it looks like with a 4mm thickness.

  • Aviel


Can you post up some pictures?  If the base prints and adheres I doubt that the thickness is the real issue.  On the other hand, have you measured your base?  If yes, how thick is it?  The base thickness is page 1 in the troubleshooting guide they are following.  Post up more information and lets see if we can get a few pages into what is really going on.  Do you have another vat with another resin flavor?

Let us know.


I havent had time to post my images yet guys, sorry. I dont think it has anything to do with base thickness, mine have failed part way through prints, I have swapped tanks etc and now have the same problem with the grey. I did a small solid test block, that printed just fine. This is very annoying, I think it has something to do with calibration, does anyone know how to check this?

Cheers Ant

I have recovered my print quality after trying a new batch of white resin from formlabs… now it looks like having the same amount of details as the clear ones…

just to let you know what problems I had with my old batch of white resin:

I simply can’t get good details and smooth surfaces with the old bottle of white resin… tried all the combination of setting there is and see no improvements…

and the result looked super crappy and is simply unacceptable for any use… the viscosity of the resin is lower… and the pigments seems to separate more easily…   and the worst part is it ruined one of my resin tray… it leaves a terrible mark on the resin tray after EACH  SINGLE PRINT… and I soon run out of usable spaces on the tray…  and I’m still waiting for reply for that…

I sincerely hope that formlabs have already improved the white resin to the same quality as my replaced bottle… since I really enjoyed this color…

Thanks Nan,

no joy for me as yet, still awaiting support to help out.

I’m having the exact same issue, I can’t seem to get anything to print without failure with the white resin. Everything i print in black comes out prefect!

I have also now this problem with a new bottle of white. I have one failure out of every two prints and the one that does not fail is not as good as it is supposed to be. Before I had two white resin bottles that had no issue at all when used.
I never had a fail with clear.