What the heck is "Motor Move Out of Bounds"?

Whenever I print a really tall part…that takes like 20 hours to print, I will see at least ONE print pause due to an error.
The PRINTER tells me their is an obstruction and asks me to remove it from the tank before resuming print…
However- there is NO obstruction… no lump in the resin, no mal-peeled layer- nothing.

Under this error- the From 2 lifts the latest print layer clear of the resin surface… But NOT high enough to remove the resin tank without hitting the part. ( I suppose I could remove the build platform- but I am loathe to shift the unfinished part out of registration for resuming the print )

However- when I check the Dashboard- the error is listed as a “Motor Out Of Bounds” error.
These pauses are associated with the From 2 making a ratcheting noise in doing it peel and plunge operation.

I resume printing and the part finished… but I am wondering what is causing the motor to go out of bounds?
Its NOT hitting any obstruction. Could I have a faulty motor or jackscrew? Does this error presage imminent motor failure?

I am having a back similar issue. I just aquired my form 2, and am attempting to print a large model as a test run. Print time was estimated at 17 and a half hours, this morning when I checked it was pauesed with the motor obstruction error. I checked the motore path and found no obstruction, so I lwt it continue.

I am checking in from work now and see it has paused again with this moror out of bounds error you mentioned. I am concerned my brand new printer may be faulty. Is this a known issue?

Same here. Had that issue twice during the last two weeks.
It’s annoying.

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