False Blockage Alarms?

The other day I started a (white std) print and few minutes after it, the Printer halted due to “something blocking the moving parts” error.

I checked and couldnt find anything so I resumed and print completed succesfully.

Any clues what happened? Is this a common or known bug or anything anticipating a bigger failure?


I presume you’re referring to the ‘motors jammed’ error and this is designed to detect when a part of a print is stuck in the tank. Generally, this gets thrown when the wiper or another motor doesn’t return to its home position in the amount of time the printer would expect. Excessive peel force can cause this as well but it tends to be fairly noticeable when the tank is struggling to peel.

I’ve seen this thrown by mistake a few times and if you checked the tank and didn’t seen anything, you should be good to go. I’d keep an eye on the print and if you notice this continuing, let me know so that I can get you in touch with our support team.

Yeah the print ended up fine and no signs of the (somewhat long) pause it took me to realize the stop and fix anything after checking…

OK i’ll leave it as is then :wink:

Out of curiosity, are you using limit switches to detect this, or Trinamic’s built in StallGuard?
No worries if you don’t want to / can’t answer, just being curious about the machine (as always) :slight_smile:

Just to keep a running record, I started an 18 hour print last night and came down this morning to this error after only 2 hours of printing :frowning:.

Everything was fine on it and there was no resin hardened on the PDMS or any broken parts.

You resumed printing and. Result is fine? Just to check…

umm, yes and no… Most of the parts came out fine but all over the print I had support issues.

Check this out for more detail: Printing and Support Issues

I’ve made 2 prints since then with the same issue on the paused print and on the supports. The parts seem to be coming out fine though.

I’ve made sure to check the PDMS for cured resin and also the glass for smudges or dust.

We have several limit switches throughout the machine on various axis. You can see a few of them by pulling off the front cover :slight_smile: The switch on the wiper specifically, times how long it takes the wiper to complete its path and then return home. If there’s a discrepancy in expected vs. actual timing, the Motors Jammed error gets thrown. Other axis run on a similar mechanism and the Motors Jammed error isn’t exclusive to obstructions with the wiper.

@DerekMurphy our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this. You should open a ticket through this page.

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@Frew thanks for the info. I’ll reach out to the FL Customer Support team with a ticket in the next couple of hours.

Neat, thanks for the info!

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