Printer stopped mid print with the platform down

printer stopped mid print with platform in the down position, if I power off/on to reset will the platform pull up or go down first. I’m trying to avoid the platform crashing into the resin tray…

Sorry to hear about this. I believe we are aware of this issue and our software team is working on it. Upon printer reset, unless the platform is registered at the top of the travel range, the printer will always do a ‘slow peel’ cycle and should only move up in order to avoid harming your tank.

thanks, i waited an hour before i got anxious and just pulled the plug, back to printing… not sure about your team being aware of it, i tried to “upload data” but i got a message it could not upload.

on a different topic, on a few occasions my resin cartridge goes on a constant drip which allows the tray to overfill causing a warning and forces me to take some resin out. Its an original cartridge about 3/4 of the way empty, any ideas???

My printer has been stopping about 1 hour before print is done followed with a motor jam error. I normally hit continue and the prints come out fine. I think this has to do with the new updates.

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Do you have an example of one of the parts that you’re noticing this on? Seeing a motors jammed error later in a print is usually caused by debris in the tank or cupping. Are you seeing any artifacts in your tank after the print?

No debris! Motor jam happens at the last hour before print is finished.

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