Failed print with build platform stuck in resin tank

My first 2 prints were perfect. Put on a long one today (19 hour) and I went to check on it after a few hours and the printer had stopped. It showed as cancelled if I scrolled through the jobs. I’m guessing I can’t get it to restart where it stopped?

Bigger concern is the build platform and part of the print are in the resin tank at the moment and unsure how to raise the platform up so I can remove it.

Appreciate any help or advice.

Well I managed to remove the build platform and get the partial print off. Tried to print something else but looks like the build platform is stuck in this position. Shows no inkling of wanting to move. Guess I will have to wait until after the weekend to talk to support.

Try resetting the printer back to factory.
Unplug for a few seconds then hold the on button for 15 seconds and the printer will reset itself.

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So there is no “Override button” to raise the platform in the program??
I would like a big red stop button and a raise platform button …
Is the answer to this and many issues really … "Unplug the machine " Seems a bit basic and desperate of a solution for a CNC device

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