Build platform not entering the tray. O_o

Hi all, i’ve taken a look around to check if ther’s someone else with my problem, but it seems i’m the only one right now… how lucky! :smiley:

Ok, my luck apart, the problem is that the build platform does’nt enter the tray with resin.

When i start printing, the platform, from the top position of 21cm high, come down to 5 cm high above the resin and stop.
When it come down, it make a strange sound like a jamming gear for a few seconds.
than, the tray starts to move, the countdown goes and the process start, but the platform still be out of the tank.
Also the laset light starts to go allaround on the resin, but without the platform, is useless, because resin dosn’t get solid and nothing happens.

I’ve some picture of this.
Ther’s a way to update them on this topic?
i don’t see any button… O_o

to upload you can press ctrl+G as well

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oh, here we go, now i see the buttons! Thanks Marcus!

This is how the machine is stuck right now…

this is when has worked last time and u can see the beam of laser not working because the platform is not in the resin… :frowning:

From what I can tell, Dario, it sounds like your printer is having a mechanical issue. I’d open up a support ticket with our team, who’ll be able to diagnose the issues and get you on the road to repair!

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Thanks Sam_Jacoby, i’ve followed your advice and opened a ticket.
I hope the support team can tell me how to fix the jamming problem!
cross fingers!

Ok, it seems the problem is about the endless screw and the movement up/down that the platform does.

at 3/4 bottom of his run, it jam and this create the problem… :confused:

now is back in original position, but to bring it there i had to move it manually opening the cover… and this has not mutch sense.

i don’t understand if is because ther’s something bend or if ther’s no mutch oil on the gear and than it jam…