Build Platform Motor is Stuck - firmware updates didn't help at all

I’ve heard that there was a recent update that went out that may have caused this, but I updated the firmware shortly after the problem and nothing has changed:

A print was about 75% done, and the build platform just stopped in a position about 80% of the way down towards the resin tray and never moved.

The printer has been rebooted several times, it’s been unplugged for 10-15 minutes and then plugged back in. It’s had a firmware update, and the printer still does not recognize that anything is wrong. If a new print is started, the resin tray wiper will move, and the laser can bee seen making the print, but the build platform never moves and the printer is unusable.

Any ideas how to unlock the jammed motor or fix whatever the problem is?

I just started having this problem as well. Were you able to resolve it?

I’m on Day 7 of trying to find a solution – no luck from troubleshooting on the forum, talking to friends, or following any basic recommendations I’ve read. If you come across a solution, please post in on here to spread the salvation!

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