Printer has frozen mid print

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do next? The build platform is pressed down on the tray, 4 hours into print time. As it’s the weekend, I’m not sure if I should turn off the printer, as that will allow the resin in the tank to cool. It’s a new tank, which I’ve only used twice with small part. Will it be a problem to reset the build platform once the resin has cooled? Any suggestions would be very helpful.


This is a very lightly used machine, having printed approximately 9-12 print jobs.

shut it off, unplug it. wait 40 seconds, plug it back in and let it re-initialize.

Thanks Sculptingman, but will that be a problem, if the build platform is pressed down in the tank?

if the head does not come back up on re-initializing, then the Z motor might be jammed or broken.

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ok, I’ll unplug and see if that works.

Thanks, SculptingMan that did the trick. I’m submitting a ticket before I attempt another print.

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Same here, frozen mid print after 4 hours in. Something is wrong with this firmware.

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