Problem with build platform stuck in the air


We have had several problems with our printer lately. I cleaned it throughly and did a successful test print a couple of weeks ago.

Now when I started a new print, the build platform (after a couple of layers) does not reach down to the resin tank. You can see in the attached image that the laser is working and the build platform is high above it.

It is now building up a thick layer in the resin tank instead of building the model at the build platform. What are we going to do?


Contact Formlabs with a help ticket. This is always the best place to start for this kind of issue.

Also, as soon as you see a problem like this it’s important to stop the print immediately. The wiper can catch on thick uncured resin stuck to the tray and splash it out. It’s a mess to clean up.

As @FredB mentioned, our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this. A member of our team will be reaching out over email to troubleshoot with you.

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