Motor move out of bounds

I have had 17 “Motor move out of bounds” errors in my last 29 print jobs. Only one seemed to have any mechanical symptom: The wiper arm glanced off the edge of the build platform after I skipped the error. The others gave no evidence of a problem. Has there been any progress on this error since 2018? That’s when the last posts with this subject were submitted to the forum.

Hi, which firmware version are you seeing these errors on? We have a beta firmware available for Form 2 that may resolve these, you can try joining the beta program at to see if this helps clear up these issues!

I too have this error every time I go to print something. It resolves itself when I select retry.

Anyone get to the bottom of this my machine does this literally EVERY print!? its not making me want any more from formlabs, you’d think i would be given some sort of options after a machine failure?

Error Message on Form 2
“Motor move out of bounds resolved with skip”
“Paused with motor move out of bounds”
12/18 9:47 PM
I have gone through $250 of Rigid 4000 trying to get this to work. Pauses with this error about every 15 minutes.
A part that was suppose to take 9 hours took 14 hours.