Just got my first "Motor Move Out of Bounds" error should I be alarmed?

My first Form 2 printer was an absolute failure, thankfully Formlabs sent me another which has been great til now. I just received my first error with the 2nd machine after 39 successful prints and 1.6 L of resin. Halfway through a print that I have completed before without error I got “Motor Move Out of Bounds” error on my dashboard. I went down to check my printer and nothing seemed amiss so I dismissed the error and resumed the print. I hope this isnt a sign of future failures. If I have to start babysitting the printer things arent gonna go well for my company. The majority of my prints are 7 to 8 hours long and I frequently set the printer to print before I go to sleep. I wont be able to babysit it while I sleep.

Please advise on further steps.

This one is a bit strange, but is usually indicative of a bug in the toolpath generation rather than a mechanical issue. Modifying the orientation of your parts and re-uploading the file often workst to correct this.

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