What does your 3d printing lab look like?

I am just wondering on what people’s work areas look like and where you are putting your forms1


check out my 9 months 3 printers post to see what my ‘work area’ looks like!

This is mine. Although it’s very, very seldom that clean :smile: I cleaned it up for a course I just released. Normally it’s all covered in bits of support waste, test models, and a thin coating of resin.

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Nice, I am looking for a similar table. Can you tell me more about it?

Well my workspace is not nearly so uncluttered! LOL

But it works for me.


just wanted to share my Form1+ workspace which is in the basement. The temperature is always around 16 degrees Celsius and the space has not direct sunlight.

As I am left handed I tried to arrange all machines and finishing tools so that I can work from right to left. At the very far left corner below the table there is a carbage can that takes all my liter. On the far right I have a window that I can open, additionally I have bought myself a semi-professional “gas mask” to avoid inhaling the IPA fumes.

So the arrangement is

  • Surface Pro for feeding the Form1+
  • Form1+
  • Form Finish Kit
  • UV curing light (originally for artificial nails - 15 Euro from Amazon) - 30 min curing time for freshly printed parts.

Table is a 30 Euro 28mm thick simple kitchen workplate from Globus Baumarket (2,8m long) plus 5 table legs which can be screwed up and down - total leg length is 1,10m. That makes it comfortable to stand while working. Leg costs 29 Euro each.

The set up work perfectly for me and I can finish all task fast and easy

Wow Vince, it might be time to get a bigger place. :slight_smile: But I couldn’t help but ‘like’ it :smiley:

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Yeah I know right! my whole apartment is just a laboratory and I see pictures of other peoples setups and they look like showrooms compared to mine! lol

Mine is in the basement. It’s cool, no direct sunlight, and a nice thick sheet of cardboard on the folding table to prevent the resin from ruining the table.

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Whoops. Sorry for the super late reply. It’s a 3/4" maple top with extendable Ikea legs. It works great. I picked it up from a closing retail store for $25 :slight_smile:

talk about an awesome deal, on the top alone ! great thank you

This is my lab, not necessarily my 3D printing workspace.
I.e. place where i mess with things, hence the mess :wink:

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Note the most important lab item in the left corner :slight_smile: no, not the sail boat silly.

I’m jealous of your gunmetal color form1+ case!

I made a 2’ x 12’ bench. It is covered with a 1/16" plastic sheet that is impervious to anything I have wiped it down with including auto lacquer thinner.

Nice set ups ya’ll! Man, Jonathan yours looks like a press release shot! Well done.

Heres mine after a quick clean up B)

I absolutely love all the above set-ups shown in previous posts. Mine is a ship-wreck of monitors, cables, printers and old print parts. But here’s my printer workstation base, three FDM printers and my FormLabs 1+. I have two other industrial FDM printers, not in frame.

This thread will induce/encourage me to take photos that pan left to show my computer workstation and my build table. Right now it is an embarrassing pile of STUFF.

Great job to those maintaining an impressive display of work areas.

heh, yeah I have an extinguisher handy too. Gorgeous bench! Did you build it?

Thanks Christopher,
The bench is super strong and is the 2nd one I bought from Harbor Freight for my small shop/lab.

Very sturdy, drawers don’t slide all that well, but heck, for this price I’m not complaining.

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