How do you all organize your print spaces/studios/labs?

I find myself acquiring more and more (and more) post-processing materials as time goes on and am running out of ideas as to how to organize things. Between FDM filament and SLA resin/tanks I’m out of cabinet space, and need to start getting creative with wall/countertop storage for my casting, injection molding, and painting supplies. Not to mention mechanical tools, but those are a whole other topic in their own and there’s plenty of resources for tool organization.

Anyone have any clever tips/tricks they’ve come across over the time they’ve been making and printing?

Here’s the finishing station our Print Production team uses for custom sample parts. We re-organize it every once in a while to accommodate new supplies.

Thanks for the picture Frew! Are the files mounted to a magnetic strip?

Yep, we use magnetic strips a fair bit around here and I’ve also got a bunch at home for hanging up knives and measuring spoons around the kitchen.

Nice station there!

By far my favorite part: “…or else!”


Ah that’s clever a clever use in the kitchen! I’ve seen it with knives before but measuring spoons is a great idea, they always seem to run away.