Show your Form Space

How do you have your Form 1 setup? I’ll start with mine.

I take a minimalist approach with the just essentials for what I need to do. Thankfully the Form 1 fits right in without cluttering up my desktop or taking up too much space, and as a bonus it matches my iMac very well.

OK - this is where temporarily  I plopped my Form1 down …

(I have VC funding and am moving out of the house/garage into a real R&D Lab/flex space the end of May)

this image shows the 1st part 3D Printed on my Form1 using a non sanctioned B9R-1-RED photopolymer…

Does the B9r resin work well?

It works very well -  the parts I 3DP’d came out very nice, settings at 1mm, .5mm .25mm CLEAR/GRAY with no discernible difference other than slice thickness.

The caveat being that the “resin vat” should only be used for the B9R-1-RED now …

I do not know what the long term affect will be on the “silicon layer” but the “resin vats” are consumables anyway.

Until I do a bit more empirical testing (mix the FormLab CLEAR / GRAY with the B9R-1-RED) and make some parts to see what just happens when the photopolymers are cross mixed.   I just love gorilla testing new toys/instrumentation and taking it past what it was designed for - just so exciting -

I am 3D Printing a clients part as soon as the “CLEAR” resin arrives -  I have determined from my empirical testing last night that the Form1 is up to producing a 3D Printed part that is similar in quality to a prototype part done on an Objet Connex500 using VERO Clear (keep in mind though this part will not have the same finish as the 16micon Objet 3DP part) - very impressive all the same

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John (jay) H. Morewood
Owner / Rapid Prototyping Engineer
+1 408.839.4252

How does the B9R resin compare in price to the FormLabs Clear?

408 area code, that counts at least 4 early Form users in the bay area then :slight_smile:

Have you contacted Solarez about getting a sample of their resin for experimentation?

#Chris, the b9r resin is cheaper, at 87 dollars a bottle

Wow, thank you for this feedback Jay!! This is simply a great news! Getting a resin for lost was casting process, at a low price, will expand quickly the capabilities of the Form1. And I hope this is just the beginning!

Thanks again.

Love it!

Nice I need to clear a space for mine.

That looks great beside the iMac. How much space does the form1 need behind it when the lid is open? The reason I’m asking is that I have a slim standing workstation against a wall. I know the footprint is around 12" square when the lid is down. Could you perhaps let me know the dimension front to back with the lid open? Thanks, I’m one of the crossing fingers group who may not get theirs in June as promised…:slight_smile: hoping for July!

That’s a great question! With the cover fully extended, the front-to-back footprint is about 20". Because the cover extends completely  you can access the build platform and the resin tank from the side as well.

why don’t we just switch over to B9C… They have cheaper resin, lost-wax castable, printers shipping, seems like high resolution too and able to print more complex parts

Derek L posts like that make you shill for B9 , especially when half your statement is untrue.

My form one is going to be used for toys and accessories so you guess what my room looks like. That’s a 36" vinyl cutter on the back wall.

Awesome workspace / playspace Kevin!

Yes - Derek L - I think this is the third post where I’ve seen you “suggesting” the B9. Less troll action please.

Kevin, what’s your favorite videogame? jk

John Morewood

You were the first to use the B9 red in your printer in May. Are you still under the impession that the B9 red resin prints well in the Form1?



Had it about a week.