Thank you team at formlabs! You went out of your way to fix my problems

This is just a quick thank you to all at formlabs who went went out of their way to help me with my ailing “keenlambkin” 1+ printer. You stood behind your product and replaced it with a new machine for me, even though you did not have to. My replacement “lavishcorrie” has been perfect in every way. I never realized until now what this machine is truly capable of.

I prepared a small clean room lab for printing (to keep the optics clean), walls insulated with sheet foam and interior temperature kept warm for optimum resin activity. Small refrigerator to slightly cool stored resins. The waste heat from the fridge is sufficient to warm the cleanroom/lab as well. Shorts and T-shirt weather. A full size room rated HEPA filter unit keeps it dust free, minimizing any need to clean the optics in the printer.

Now printing odometer gears using the high strength resin and they are coming out flawless. For over a year I tried to get 1 or 2 successful gears with poor “keenlambkin” with nothing but frustration. Now every gear with my new machine comes out flawless. Even involute shaped teeth on tiny 7mm diameter gears show their proper geometry under the microscope. Amazing!

Here are some photos of my little cleanroom/lab as some people were asking about it in other posts:

Some parts in the post curing station:

Thanks again everybody!


That’s a pretty sweet setup you’ve got there. I’ve posted this to our support team’s channels and I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear that everything is working well for you.

Ummm, yeah… wicked nice setup. Major props on highlighting the printer names! Formlabs… is there a code or committee that comes up with these names? SilentSimon is my f2… who did this? hahaha!

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