What do not print?

Follow the pictures of what is happening and the video link.



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Not certain… but it appears that your platform is not going all the way down. Unplug your printer, and press the power button a few times to be sure its dead. Then restart.

Sorry, but my English is bad.

The problem is that the printer starts working and fixing the resin + - 1 mm in aluminum base and then the layers are stuck on the tank floor.
I just do not make any piece, always gives the same error.

You’re English is actually quite good! Please don’t be afraid.

Have you had any successful prints with your printer?

The aluminum platform should go all the way down into the tray and touch the rubbery PDMS layer. The reason you prints are sticking to this layer is because there is nothing else to stick to. When you first start a print, does the platform go all the way down? or does it start about 10-15mm above as is seen in the video?

If it starts 10-15mm above, you need to contact support, as it is not possible to adjust the printer that far.
If the platform goes all the way down, but the prints just do not stick, I believe you will need to adjust you ‘Z offset’ down.

Today I will do another test by adjusting the Z axis I believe the problem is the adjustment of Z.

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