Warping - Help with techniques

Hi. I had some warping on a print and I’m curious what I could have done better here. Basically troubleshooting. For instance would more supports have fixed/helped it? Is it bad to have peices like this so far from the middle?
Whatever can help so that stuff like this doesn’t warp as much. Thanks

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Number one- add a sacrificial bar across the gap at the bottom… part of what’s happening is that the way you have it split and oriented, it has two “legs”- each leg, as it prints, shrinks toward its own mass which pulls it outward in a bend because the outside edges are more massive than the inside edges.

or- flip the parts over so that the legs are built AFTER the main body- instead of before they are tied together.

But if you flip it- make sure the straight edge nearest the platform is NOT parallel to the platform… cant it so the the long straight edge starts to build at one low corner and gets gradually longer with each successive layer… this will prevent shrinkage across the entire length of the initial build edge that can snap supports and warp the edge.

and try printing dimensionally critical parts in Rigid- it has the lowest shrinkage of any of the resins.- but be sure to Post cure Rigid parts BEFORE cutting their supports off.

Thanks! I’ll comb over this a few times and try to understand it as best as I can.
I bought a bunch of Grey 04 and wasn’t sure what was best for the different things to print. I’ll move to ridgid setup for this sort of thing.

Yes, that kind of print will work better if you flip it the other way, angle it so that it starts on one of the rounded corners with those two legs pointing up. Still remember to have supports on those areas so that they will be kept stable.

It is always good to have any mating faces orientated away from the base since the supports will cause slight distortions in the surfaces which are difficult to remove.

I had warping like yours on a very simple piece. Print settings - Black V4, 0.1 mm resolution, 0.80 support density, 0.60 mm touchpoint size, large raft.

The lowest portion of the part warped as did yours. I used the recommended print orientation. Maybe print more vertical? But this is such a simple part. It actually warped in what I thought would be the strongest direction - it is akin to an I-beam!

The part is 3-1/4" long, 5/8" wide, general wall thickness 0.07".

Any ideas? Thanks.


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