Print Seems Warped

So I printed off a little design I made with gears, and alot of the design warped, including the gears, one side is thinner than the other side, what can cause this and what can I do to fix this, I printed at .05.

Hi Kyle,
You say one side is thinner? was it printed without supports? A picture would help us.

Show us your 3d layout and support structure. If you post cure the part with sun or UV lamp before removing the support structures this can often prevent warping to occur during the post cure process.

Hi all

Its been a while since this thread was updated but I’ve been having a similar problem did anybody find the reason why this was happening and how to fix it , I have a ticket in at the moment and the support team have been great, but they say that I should print the part flatter to try and reduce the warping, this obviously limits my printers capability’s considerably as it means that any part printed at a high angle will be out of shape and unusable in many cases.

Any ideas

thanks in advance