Waiting to fill tank problem--this may take a long time!

I have used up my first cartridge with no problems and when I changed to a new cartridge and tank, it gives me this waiting to fill tank message. However, it is just sitting there for a long time with nothing happening. The vent cap is open, but no material is being delivered. I tried removing the cartridge and re-inserting it, but still nothing. Any suggestions?

Sometimes you need to manually open the rubber nozel on the cartridge. Pull the cartridge out and squeeze the nozzle till the rubber splits.

Hope that helps…


I did that and it bulges and looks like it was not cut to dispense. I pulled out another color of a new cartridge and it cracks open like the picture shows.

should I cut the rubber valve the way it should be or return it as defective to formlabs

I wouldn’t. You do it wrong, the resin cartridge will drain out all over your nice new printer.

Ok, I guess I better contact form labs for a replacement.

Thanks to everyone who replied!

Hi Drouch,

Chances are that the valve does have a slit, although it may seem like it is completely missing. With the right combination of pinching and squeezing the valve, you should be able to pop it open.

Contacting the support team is the best idea so they can be looped in and help solve your issue.

Also make sure your resin tray is all the way secured on the printer, sometimes it’s not quite there and the printer can’t detect it and won’t tell you that it’s waiting for that.

Pretty sure the valve was never cut/slit on this one. It looks like a balloon with no weak area even showing When I squeeze/bend it

I have been in contact with Support from Form Labs and they are sending a replacement one. They took me through some additional tests of the valve to determine it was defective. Form Labs gets my highest rating for the speed in which they handled this! Good job!

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