Resin dispensing

I just got a new clear resin cartridge for the Form2 and I went to print, the vent cap is open, but the resin will not dispense. Anyone else have this problem?

I have only bought two resin cartridges thus far and had the same issue with one of them. On the underside of the cartridge is a rubber cap which when squeezed releases the resin. On one of my cartridges the slot was not cut all the way through the rubber part thereby sealing the resin off. I took an X-Acto blade and carefully pierced the rubber along the line, with the vent cap side down of course! Worked like a charm after that, wish I could say the same for the rest of the machine. Best of luck!

Thanks!! I was afraid to do anything with that, I will try that. Keep fingers crossed!!

There have been a few cartridges where the bite valve towards the bottom was a bit too firmly sealed. Gently squeezing the valve usually helps to correct this. If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team prior to cutting the valve. We’ll help you with next steps as cutting the valve can affect the flow rate of the resin and lead to print errors.

I just looked at the valve and compared it to the one I just replaced, and it is fine. The print did finish, but it was a failure. the resin cured to the floor of the tank…so now I have to figure out why it cured on the tank and not the build platform…

Glad to hear that the cartridge is working correctly.

Parts stuck to the bottom of the tank usually indicate that the Z offset of the printer is a bit too high and the first couple of layers aren’t being adequately compressed. This can be adjusted via Z fine tuning under the settings menu and iterating downwards by 0.2mm until parts begin to adhere is good practice.

If you get to 1mm and your still noticing adhesion issues, let me know so we can troubleshoot further.

even if the parts adhere midway through the print?? I got most of the base but it failed during the creating of the supports…

Can you upload an image of the section of the part that succeeded and your .form file? That will help us to troubleshoot whether this has to do with the print setup or is localized to the printer itself.

this is the partial print from last night. I can’t upload the .form file, as it didn’t save, and I can’t find it if it is somewhere else…

I just opened a new cartridge of Black V3 and my valve had the same issue.
There was a very slight cut but it was not all the way though and no resin was dispensing. I just used an exact to cut all the way though while tracing the slot that was already slightly formed. This was before reading this and the comment about the flow rate… seems to be working fine for me. Looks like there are a lot of little issues that FormLabs has to work on. I just hope my new resin tank has no leak issues as i have read in quite a few posts here. Ended up taking pictures before filling it just in case.

Without seeing the Form file, I would say you need some more supports particularly on the bottom side to get the part started. Those look like thin walls which are going to peel away and break away easily if not supported enough. You might also need a drain hole to keep vacuum from sucking the part off, but it is hard to tell the intended shape.

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