Resin not coming out of valve in cartridge?

Hi all,

So I fixed my cartridge not recognized issue, though now I have another problem where resin isn’t being dispensed from the cartridge.

I squeezed the valve and it seemed to open. One thing that happened earlier is I tipped the cartridge to look underneath and resin spilled out of the cap which I left pushed open. Could this have affected anything?

Maybe the bite valve is clogged with pigment. You need to pull it off, clean it and push it back on in that case.

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Fantasy is right! I would also recommend checking the cap on the other end just to make sure there’s airflow through the pop-cap.

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Thanks guys. I think the inside slit of the valve was stuck as only the outside slit opened up. I was about to ease it open with a pointy stick though it suddenly started working in the printer. Maybe the 50 or so attempts finally loosened it :wink: