Grey V3 dispensing issues

Hi, I am experiencing issues with the grey resin on the form 2. I recently received the new V3 and first issue was the resin would not dispense. I realised that this was because the bottom opening was not properly pierced. I fixed this issue and the first print was successful. The second print was a complete failure. The resin needed to be completely strained, except resin is too thick to make it through the strainer. So to make sure that I have a clean start, I decided to try again with all fresh resin.

The issue is now that the resin is having problems dispensing again. I checked the rubber release and that is totally clear, but every time it tries to dispense anything, the screen flashes with a ‘cartridge missing’ immediately followed by a ‘cartridge inserted’ inserted alert. Then tells me to check that the top is open (I completely removed the top at the start of the print).

This has been going on for about half an hour and the tank does not even have enough resin to cover the base. Any suggestions? Does this constitute a support ticket?

An electrical connection is made between the cartridge and printer in order to read the cartridge resin type and ID code information. Remove and reinsert the resin cartridge a few times. Looks like you’ve got an intermittent connection between the machine and the cartridge. If that doesn’t work, open a ticket!

The print eventually started and completed successfully. I will play around with inserting the cartridge on the next one and hopefully that fixes the issue. Thanks!

There have been a few cartridges where the bite valve needed a bit of help opening. It sounds like you’ve got that corrected.

I would suspect the print failure be from the orientation of the part or unsupported regions rather than having to do with the cartridge dispense. If you’re still having trouble with that, post up some pictures of your orientation or .form file and we’ll try to help out.

As @Randy_Cohen mentioned, there is a chip on the cartridge that interfaces with the printer. Sometimes, this contact isn’t as secure as we’d like and can cause intermittent ‘cartridge removed’ messages like you’re seeing. If re-inserting the cartridge a few times doesn’t fix things for you, get in touch with our support team so that we can get everything sorted.

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