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Resin is not flowing into tank

I am changing resin for the first time - removed the empty grey, removed the tank
placed new tank in
inserted new resin cartridge
closed lid
all parts light up blue in idle
resin does not flow

Am I missing a step?

I have the cap open - message says cartridge inserted

I had to initialize printer - set up new print with clear resin selected - upload to printer start print - step 3/5 - filling tank -

tank does not fill

had to abort print

Common issue but there is a “bite” valve under the resin cartridge that sometimes is not fully opened. Make sure the cap is closed and turn the cartridge upside down, then squeeze the bite valve to see if the slit opens up. If not, get a xacto knife or razor blade and CAREFULLY cut along the slit to open it up. Cut it just enough and you will see some resin come out when you squeeze the bite valve again.

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