Verodent resin(stratasys) with form1

I can’t speak English.

Clear is Form1’s original resin.

Colorful model use Zcorp print

White? is Verodent(stratasys) resin with form1.

Still not perfect, but seems likely.

Form1 can’t adjust laser power and time(speed).
If possible will be perfect.

Thanks for nice pictures.

  1. How did you orientate the maxilla/upper in your Form1?
  2. can you please specify the Verodent resin?
  3. Did you post cure the Verodent?
  4. How(what software) did you design the saw jig on the mandible/lower?

Great work, I want to do the same.

Sorry… I can’t speak english.

1 & 4 . I used Materialise Magics software.

2 & 3.  I can’t understand. You mean. Do you need Verodent?

No Problem.

2&3 - You use, Verodent (MED 670) or VerodentPlus (MED690)?

I used 670
But it has some problem.
Form1’s laser power is too high that use Verodent.
I’m trying to Solve it.

Do you have any updates on the use of VeroDent?
Have you tried to use any of the other Objet materials?

Why do You use the Verodent ?
Is it bio compatible ?

Form1 can not adjust laser power.
So Verodent can not use.
I tried makerjuice. it works fine.

Yes I know of.

Is makerjuice resin biocompatible?