Questions about Form1 and Resins

I work with a program called Blender to develop 3D prototypes of 28mm / 32mm models.  I have been looking into stereo lithography printers and Form1 was mentioned in another forum.  My questions are as follows:

  1. Is Form 1 perfect for 28mm / 32mm figures, scenery, buildings, etc.?

  2. I checked out the grey resin and I did not like its “transparent” feature with white outlines.  Is there another darker, stronger resin that is completely grey?

  3. Has anyone bothered to develop a 28mm / 32mm figure or model using Form1?  I’d love to check out the blog, pictures, or whatever medium there is to verify the usability of Form1.


Hi Hunter,

One way to verify the usability is to have samples printed. If you have any models built, email me the STL and I will quote you some samples printed using the grey resin. If you like I can also print using the hybrid mix red resin (you can always paint it grey).

If you are interested, email me at mongerdesigns at live dot com

Hi Emil,

Thanks for your response.  I agree that to verify the 3D printer’s usability, there should be samples printed.  I’ll send you an .STL file soon.  If you feel like bothering yourself with another sample of the hybrid mix red resin, please do!

I’ve already added you to my contact list so you’ll receive an .STL file shortly.  I am going to send you an incomplete model so that you may print it out.  I’m not quite done with developing the model at the moment but do let me know if you need anything else.


Here’s an .STL file for you.


Hi Hunter,

1.) Yes

2.) The resin is easily paintable to get professional looking models.
3.) I have a friend who has printed out gaming figurines that size. She hasn’t gotten to painting them. I will take a photo tomorrow of the result she got off the Form1.

I took a look at your model. It seems the it’s very faceted. Is that part of the aesthetic you are going for? You can get smooth micron level detail with the Form1, so it really shines with very intricate details you’d have a hard time getting on prosumer level FDM machine without hours upon hours of painstaking finishing work.

Hey Hunter, im very interested too see how this worked out for you. Is the form 3d printers fitted for 28mm printing?
Pictures would be great if you have them.