Flexible Resin .STL Sample

Hey anyone have the .STL for the flexible resin sample Formlabs sends customers?

FormLabs almost never releases the STL fles for the models they use. They might release the .form file, but not the STL.

If you know which one it is (I’ve seen multiple objects they printed in flexible), you might want to search it on line. Sometimes people “reverse engineer” some of these models so that others can try printing them.

A good example of that is the rook. A couple of variants of it can be found on “Thingiverse”

Unless they have changed it the model is simply a block with tabs of varying thicknesses. Should be pretty trivial to model. I am sure someone has posted something similar on a model sharing site as well.

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Im cool with the preform file its getting printed on my form 2

thats all I’m looking for is that one.

Oh oops, didn’t realize.

@gholson2 I think your best bet is to contact support (via the little help bot on the bottom of the main page) and ask for the preform file. I wouldn’t open a support ticket for something like this, but they have always gotten back to me within 24 hours even for trivial questions. Or if you are patient wait for someone from FL to stop in on this thread.

Best of luck!

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