URGENT. having trouble orienting this piece. please help

pleas help me orient this piece


I have tried to print the piece 2 time but i always ends up in a failure. Can you please help me orient this.

kind regards,
Lakshya garg

Which resin, and what scale? The model seems to be about 40mm long at its longest. Without knowing anything else, my inclination would be to try printing it like this:

If you have a problem with resolution as well, the balls are not rounded but with very small flat surfaces. You can increase the resolution of the original file. If your using SolidWorks follow this instructions:

  1. open the parts in Solidworks.
  2. Save-As the file and change the file type to STL.
  3. click on the “Options” icon below the file type you just selected
  4. Click on “Export” in the System Options (the last one in the list.
  5. change the “File Format” to “STL”
  6. Increase the “Deviation” and “Angle” to something around 3/4 of the scale (0.00357mm and 10.000Deg)
  7. click OK and save the STL file.

Good luck

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