Orientation Help Request


Need to print this today but I’m still too new to the resin world. Do you think the ONECLICKPRINT orientation is good:

or would you advice any other manual orientation?


To get best results you want to try and reduce the amount of supports you have to put on the important areas of the object, to do that it can mean sometimes that you need to split up the part so that you can orient things in a way to get better results. for that object in particular there’s some natural locations for splits like the waist or the neck that will allow you to orient parts to get better prints.
Also, manually orienting the prints and manually placing supports will give you better results.

Damn! I’m Doomed then lol

This is a tough one, lots of overhangs and thin sections. It would be helpful if you uploaded the STL and people might be willing to try out different orientations. Zachary’s advice is good but it might be worth trying to print as one piece first. Regardless, you are going to be sanding a TON of supports.

Is the print hollow or solid? Hollow you would need drainage holes, solid is going to be a long print.

That one might be easier in 2 pieces. Print the bottom separately and glue the character onto it. If you wanted to get fancy you could leave two shallow holes for his feet to fit into. Doing it in two pieces would mean that you didn’t have any big forces being transmitted through those thin legs.

I’m tempted onto splitting… But where? Waist or neck? Model is hollow btw so good advice on every half position to avoid sick effect and drain holes will be appreciated as well. Can’t upload as this is somewhat private. Thanks.

Yikes, are Snoopy’s ankles really that thin,
If things get rough for him he will break there.