The Form3 Print out the model, is that the general case?It's unbelievable







I tried to print different resins, but the results were not ideal. The firmware and software were the latest version.


Looks like you need to orient your parts differently. Try a 45° angle from the build plate for the main surfaces.


After the Angle adjustment, the printing effect is still not ideal。


Can you be more specific? “Not ideal” can mean a whole lot of things…


It helps to know specifically what about the model is unsatisfactory, and then we can point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

That being said, I would reach out to our support team and they’d be happy to help you improve your print results.


Yup, I’ve had the same thing with the two printers i have. I was told to reset the printers and update firmware and software. Then told more supports, larger touch points and reorient. Didn’t help at all. Wasted almost a litter of resin. This is incredibly frustrating and makes me sick i spent seven grand on printers. What i just did was install older firmware and software to the point I remember when i was getting better prints. Smaller test pieces were good and now i have a larger piece in now, crossing my fingers. I am a little disappointed that we are used as beta testers, its been at least six months since releasing it and still has not preformed up to what was marketed and my Form 2 has always out preformed it. By the time they work out bugs, they will be releasing a new version. Sorry for the rant