Upgrade F1 from 1.9.1 to current

using F1+.

Can you (@Formlabs) verify this will work as expected, or do I need to step through prior updates?


I did a quick look for F1+ firmware changes but didn’t see anything (I am sure I should have spent more time looking) but has anything changed over the past few releases of PreForm? What is the latest firmware for us?
Or are you talking about PreForm?

I’m talking about the whole package, sw and fw. It’ll probably be fine, but it’s kinda like if it it ain’t broke…
There’s new resins, flexible for one, that are not accounted for in 1.9.1, plus it looks like some support improvements too.

Guess I’ll just damn the Torpedoes!

You should be able to install the latest right over 1.9.1. At the worst, uninstall the old version of PreForm and then just do a clean install if something goes wrong.
The firmware I am gathering you will not have to install.
My F1+ is on FW: 1.4
I do not believe there have been updates for us for a very long time.

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