unbelievable,The Form3 build platform can do this。。

Does the build platform have a lifetime?

Yep, the longer it keeps getting scratches and gouges the shorter it’s lifespan. Sorry, needed to spread some humor this morning.

Not really! That is one component that folks often think they need to replace before they really do! Some light scratches can actually help with adherence a bit by providing a bumpier surface.

That being said, if you’re REALLY scratching and gouging a platform, it can reach a point where you’ll need to swap out, but honestly in almost 4 years of being with Formlabs and interacting with customers, I can tell you the number of necessary replacements I’ve seen is less than like 5 examples.

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I scratch my platform with a stainless steel brush before each print. Never has a failure to stick with this method.