Build platform lifespan

I printed some parts overnight .The print finished in the middle of the night and so it sat for about 3 hours before I took it out of the printer.I had a devil of a time getting the print off the build platform.Is there a lifespan on the build platform? Or could it be because it sat in the printer for a few hours.I havent printed anything in a couple of months and I just replaced the resin tank so could it be related to the resin sitting in the tank for a coup,e of months?

As far as I know there is no lifespan on the build platform. Mine had a bunch of scratches on the surface from the previous user and I cleaned the surface up with an orbital sander and some scotch-brite. I measured the height before and after so I could adjust the Z-Height accordingly if needed but I couldn’t measure any difference. I have not had any problems after resurfacing but do at your own risk if you choose to do so.


Looks like they come with a bead blasted finish when new. I have noticed with Form 2 that once the aluminum starts to get smooth, losing some of the bead blast texture, the prints become more difficult to remove.

With our Form 1+ I used to sand the platform between each build to allow for easier print removal. As I recall I used 150 grit abrasive paper, in a circular pattern, and cleaned it thoroughly after sanding with IPA. This worked well and I may have to do the same with some of our Form 2 platforms as prints are becoming more difficult to remove from our older (now smoother) platforms.

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