Replacing the build platform?

I’ve had my Form 2 for about two years and have been using the same build platform, so it’s pretty beat up (we tend to print directly on the platform). Is there a point where it’s recommended that we replace it?

You have got a long way to go, I have had mine for several years and it looks totally hacked, but still works great, I think they work better when they get roughed up, they hold the print better. Now for those that are printing directly on the print bed they may not want the defects in the bed showing up on there print.

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I had a stretch run of parts that stuck TOO WELL to the platform. Took an hour to get the island off the platform. Now all of a sudden they pop off really well. Who knows…

Yes, there was improvement of the first layers attaching to the build platform. Parts was extremely hard to detach but after the update early this year it is much more reasonable.

I’ve replaced my build platform because I thought it too damage abd therefore its stick too hard, so now I got 2 builds platform to roll with.

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