Changing Printplatform

Hello everyone, can someone tell me when to replace the Form3 printing platform? I have the impression that something gets stuck on the tank bottom instead of the platform. I’ve already sanded it a little bit, but the surface seems a little too smooth? What do you think, after how many prints should you exchange them? Thank you for your answers. Greetings Sebastian

Probably never, for the most part you shouldn’t have to replace it.

Been running the Form 2 one for years with no issues. We have bought more to have spares, but I have not thrown any out. The goal is not to get the surface more smooth. It will actually get more rough with use.


that’s good to hear, I roughened the printing plate with 80s grit so that it is not too smooth … maybe I had issues with the tank than with the platform …

ok, my suspicion was that the longer I printed with it, the smoother it becomes…???

Usually whatever tool you’re using to help remove prints will leave scratches on the platform so it’ll get rougher over time. You don’t need to do anything about it really.