Build platform, when is a good time to change it?

Is there a rule of thumb on when to swap out the build platform? Rather than wait for a failed print…I have one that is pretty scratched up, so I swapped it out. The second one has few scratches, but they are deep scratches, so I am not inclined to use it, but it may still be good? 09201711420920171143
Well, tried to upload pics…not sure if anyone can open…First one is mega scratched one, second is deep scratches. I’d appreciate any thoughts!

Positive features are worse than negative features. If there is a deep scratch there is going to be a positive feature typically around the edge of the scratch. I use a flat razor blade to cut these burrs from my platform once in a while and it cuts right through since the aluminum is soft and the burrs are thin. Some people use sand paper, plenty of methods available.

I think it has to be a pretty deep gash to make prints not adhere. A little bit of negative features would probably improve adherence to the platform since it gives shear geometry to grip onto.

Here is a previous Formlabs response: Sanding Build Platform Surface?

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Give it a quick blast on a belt sander, all will be good.

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Great! Thank you!

I’ve also used red scotchbrite pads to clean the platform. Works pretty well.

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