Unable to register printer

Recently I keep having connection problems. the latest is not being able to register my printer for online notices. I deregistered and then tried to register, but when I type in the 4 characters on my printer to my dashboard, it says invalid code. I know how to type 4 characters correctly and have tried numerous times but still no luck. The printer is saying something about having to be connected to the internet, but I can send it files through wifi successfully, so what’s up?

Ok. unplugged the printer then plugged in and tried all over again, and now it worked.
Why so finicky?

Hi Ken - great questions. Having the printer on the local Wi-Fi connection is different from having your network able to “talk” to the Formlabs servers. As you probably know, disconnecting and reconnecting the Form 2’s power is the preferred way of restarting, and I’m glad that you thought to try this. I suspect that the power boot also reset the network’s recognition of the printer and connection to Formlabs servers. If you have problems in the future, please let us know, and we can help investigate why your network isn’t connecting with Formlabs.

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