Trouble with my printed file

Hello everyone !

I have a big problem with my print:

Here is the file with the printing specifications:

Either it doesn’t stick well to the supports or it doesn’t stick to the bed.

First and second time I printed it got detached from the printed supports:

I also found some small parts in the resin tank. It looks like it crumbled or detached from the supports.

The second time, it got worse:

What do you think about that ?

Thank you !

You can increase the point size to make the supports more durable.

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Also try giving it an angle on the other horizontal axis. Currently it seems to be oriented at about 30-45 on one axis and 0° on the other. By default try to avoid any straight line parallel to the build platform.

Don’t forget to thoroughly filter your tank after such a failure, as there will be stray bits of cured resin in it that will interfere with the next print.


You need it to start at one corner so that it has a smaller starting point, make sure there’s enough supports around that corner for stability and then after that you just need a good spread of supports to keep it stable as it builds up.

Thank’s for your advice but what I don’t understand is that it’s the standard parameters I usually use for the same kind of shape.

I use this position because my prints used to bend a little when it was made with the standard position settings. Usually I use this position and it works well that’s why I don’t understand… I actually found some crumbled resin in the resin tank, thank you for your advices !

The resin shrinks as its cured…
When you start with one corner down, the forces applied to the supports are very low because its a very small area of resin, and as the cross section grows with subsequent layers, you have an increasing number of already cured supports holding down the bottom edge.

When you align it with one long edge in plane- then that first row of supports SEEMS like a lot of supports, but it is also a large length of resin trying to curl from shrinkage… which overwhelms the strength of the first row of resin support points.

Here’s a thought experiment… suppose the shrinkage involved was 1%. ( its not that large- but for the purpose of the point ) A single support, building a single corner is 0.7 mm in diameter. 1% of that is 0.007mm a very small amount of movement. the layer on top of that is 1.2mm which wants to shrink 0.012mm again a minor change of dimension.
But you are printing something 130mm long with supports spread along that length… and 1% of that length is 1.3mm
When you try to print that long a profile on top of the fragile slender supports, the amount the layer wants to move is enough to shear the curing layer from the supports.

This is why the angled orientations are better… the entire concept it to build the cross sectional area Gradually… so that by the time the forces involved are significant, there is a stable, well supported mass of hard resin to resist that shrinkage.

I’ve had a similar problem with a print like that before too. For me the culprit was some floating bits. Also, I don’t know if you checked this too, but looking to see if any small bits of resin cured to the optical window couldn’t hurt either.

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