Printer only printed supports, and not the actual file

Has anyone else have this issue?

The supports were printed but the actual file itself is nowhere to be seen. This case I printed 2 files, one of them came out okay but the second one did not. Not sure what happened there.

See attached images.

I’ve encountered this a few times and it generally means that the first part of the object fails to print which prevents additional geometry from building up. You might try adding a few more supports towards the minima of the object that failed to print. Was there a small sliver of cured resin stuck to the tank? That tends to happen after errors like these and it can be safely pealed up using the spatula.

I see… will try again. No I did not see any slive stuck to the tank. Weird…

looks like you scaled the smaller object down… its possible the stiles and top and bottom plate of the actual model were simply too small to resolve by the laser.
note how much smaller they appear to be than the supports.

I might follow these steps to filter the tank just as a way of ensuring that there’s not any cured resin floating around that might interfere with later prints.

Frew and kylenhan, did you resolve the issue in someway? Having the same issue myself.

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