Touchpoints not touching model

I am getting lots of touchpoints that dont make contact with the mesh when generated.  I have played with the support settings and the only thing that fixes most of them is hugmongous touchpoints, and even then some refuse to intersect the mesh.  Seems to happen at the bottoms of cylindrical shapes of various angles and curvatures.  Any help would be appreciated.

Other observations… it seems like the touch points don’t get generated from the surface of the model but rather from the tops of support columns and then stretch out to intersect.  Wouldn’t it be better to generate the points off of the model surface (like a normal) and then project the support column up to the bast of the point geo?  Also, it would be nice to make the touch point pyramidal instead of wedge shaped, for cleaner contact.


I have been having tons of issues with this!

I thought the supports were not staying connected causing the models to deform or fail completely,

but I zoomed in after reading this and see that the touchpoints aren’t even touching in PreForm.

So this is a software issue.

I hope Formlabs is fixing this, but it sucks that I have been wasting resin again on a problem beyond my control.

just found this with a post from Formlabs saying they are aware of the issue, well gee thanks for letting us all know, NOT!

On several of my past prints I saw issues with materials accumulating around the touch points, resulting in deformation of the part, especially areas of dense touch point generation. Recently, I have been seeing something like, lets call it, “lateral mushrooming” (play on words: lateralooming?), where there is a messy horizontal growth away from some regions of the part. I don’t know what is causing it, but it also fubars the parts in those locations.

Really dense point-forests, have a capillary action that can prevent excess resin from draining well between peels. Subsequent curing passes will semi harden this retained resin exacerbating the effect as it goes. You may have to tilt the model more, manually delete a few points, and perhaps modify the model to provide drainage. Hope that helps.