Touch screen not working

Hey all. So out of nowhere, the touchscreen has stopped working. I’ve tried unplugging it many times (which used to fix an unresponsive screen) but to no avail. The thing is, it kind of works if you frantically touch it all over the place in hopes to hit the right button but it’s a HUGE pain to do anything this way. I’ve updated firmware etc. and it seems like it’s just simply busted.

Any ideas? thanks

a while back every time the firmware updated overnight the screen became unresponsive until you powercycled the printer, if that doesnt work ask the support team they’ve been very helpful the times i needed them

powercylced as in unplug it? tried that several times and like I said it used to work but not now. Thanks for your reply

yeah unplugging it, theres also the reboot printer option in the settings but since your screen isnt working i dont think you can select it

right on. thanks again

I have experienced this with TWO printers. They were both replacements for an out of warranty swap (the lasers on the original were not up to par). I have power cycled, updated firmware, force updated, etc. The touchscreen only functions with every other restart. What are the odds of two printers in a row having the same issue? CS has been great, but I’m pretty frustrated.

I’ve read somewhere that they will send out new touch screens to swap out with. Have you heard of this?

They did that with the first printer. I installed it, double checked to ensure the pins were seated, to no avail. Had the same issue. Oddly, they touchscreen would work with every other restart. The last one however took a few restarts before the touchscreen would work. However, after that, the problem returned and it would only function with every other restart.

I see. My won’t work at all unless I touch everywhere on the screen frantically I’ll eventually hit a random selection. So it’s basically useless at this point…

Ugh. What a pain. I’m sure CS will be able to help, but man the wait is a killer.

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