Touch screen unresponsive

I had my one month old Form 2 printer’s touch screen become unresponsive a few days ago. I tried everything and eventually unplugged it. No fix. I unplugged it again and let it sit for a while and when I plugged it back in it worked again for a few days.

Just last night, and against my better judgement, I went ahead and updated the firmware. Now the screen is unresponsive again. No matter where I touch I can’t get it to do anything. Also, the physical button has stopped responding as well.

Is anyone else seeing this? It’s not really a viable or acceptable long term fix to constantly have to unplug the machine.

I had exactly the same issue, screen defective, an after sending support a video of me prodding the screen and clearly getting no response, they sent me a new screen. It was easy to swap out, but a bit disappointing on a brand new machine. But my machine is now fine.

Short answer, tell support, get a replacement!

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