Time Killer "PreForm"

The PreForm software is driving me mad.
It is a real time killer, as slow as a snail and remembers me of the good old Pentium II times, especially when I edit the support points by hand. Zoom in, rotate the platform… Every mouse action has approx. 2 sec response time.

And I think it’s not my machine, an Intel i7 with 8 cores, 16GB RAM, SSD and Nvidia Quadro K2200 CAD graphics card, Win7 64 bit. All the other CAD and rendering related software runs fine.

How can I increase the speed of Preform? Are there hidden software switches? Can I integrate the GPU calculating ressources for rendering?
Or have I to wait 'til Doomsday for a faster software release?

That’s substantial kit there. No idea why it’s so crappy. I have an older amd proc with a relatively generic radeon, and while not fast, it’s ‘good enough’ for a print box.

My guess is it’s your gpu card (or driver). Originally the box above was using it’s onboard video, and preform worked like you describe. I got a cheap but better radeon card, and it made all the difference.

Your card looks great, but maybe there’s an incompatibility issue or maybe it’s doing software glx acceleration with perform or something. Are you running the latest driver?

It is your machine. I’m running W764 on an i7 with an nVidia 980 and it runs just fine.

I’d check to make sure your Quadro drivers are up to date and that OpenGL is enabled. The description of your problem sounds to me like your video card isn’t accelerating the graphics.

I switched the OpenGL-Support from “automatic” to “K2200” and re-installed (!) PreForm 2.7.1.
Now it works as expected.

Problem is solved. Thanks for your advices.

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There’s very few programs that benefit from a Quadro card, most of the time you can get much better performance using a gaming card. Even for the ones that can take advantage of it usually you can get a really good gaming card for the cost of a low-end Quadro.

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