Preform 2.5 is soooo sloooooowwwwww.... yaaaawn!

Anybody else have this problem? I run windows 7, 16gb ram, and never had preform run slow. But now, it takes 1+hr to manage 100 objects on the printer platform. When moving them around, PC needs few seconds before he updates images with new coords of place whare i want to drag item. Drag again - even tiniest bit- wait again few seconds. Any ideas? Is not better when i shut down all other programms i have running (which are only excel, firefox, outlook). Thank you.

I don’t have 100 objects, but with like 20 high resolution objects it works just fine. It’s not surprising though if you have a ton of geometry that it would slow down.

Do you have a decent video card with OpenGL support, that’s also enabled?

I don’t know how many polys it is, but I just made 100x copies of two different objects I had loaded, a fairly simple object that’s a 100 or so and a fairly complex one that’s maybe 2K (PreForm says it would take 4L of resin to print :grinning:).

Rotation is quite a bit slower, a few times per second. But still usable.

If I switch to my CAD program and do the same replication thing, OpenGL shaded poly rotation there is about the same (though if I switch to wire frame it speeds up again).

The performance I’m seeing is a function of my system HW and not the software.

I have a GTX980 video card (which up until recently was top of the line).

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