Preform 3.26.0 very slow

Hi, has anyone else had issues with preform 3.26, doing any task? even navigating menus is ridiculously slow, e.g. you go to rotate the view, the software freezes for about 20 secs, then starts to move fine, same with dragging files in, or even going to file, save.
my hardware is fine, win 11, 18core i9, 2x3070ti GPUs,

to add to this, there are no big issues in task manager when its freezing, when you click on anything cpu usage is around 4.5% and not filling an entire single thread, gpu usage is also very low

Hi @digitawn,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with the newest version of PreForm; if you could please reach out to our Support Team, they can get some logs from you and check to see the cause of the problem and ideally get you back up and running at expected speeds.

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