PreForm extremely laggy and practically unusable

For the last 6 months or more preform has been really slow, getting slower, and getting almost unusable. I’m using a lenovo w520 (Workstation laptop) with dual GPUs with Preform running off the Higher end NVidia GPU. This machine has been a power house up until these issues. Everything else in the computer runs great though Meshmixer may be slightly slower though hardly noticeable. All diagnostics check out well and I even sent it in to a computer shop to determine what was going on and they couldn’t figure it out. I’ve tried past versions of preform, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried other GPU settings, etc.

What are the optimal NVidia GPU settings?
Superfetch (sysmain) is not running. Is this an issue?
How do I determine that open GL is active?

Please! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

When you mean dual GPU’s do you mean an Nvidia GPU and an integrated Intel GPU?
Are you assigning Preform to use the Nvidia GPU? If so then it might work better if you set it to use the Nvidia GPU for everything, I’ve found in the past that even when you assign a GPU specifically to a program there can still be some lower performance compared to setting it to use the Nvidia GPU as the default for everything.

Also, try with the laptop plugged in, sometimes they’ll throttle performance when the laptop is going off the battery.

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