This was a surprise

I was carrying around some prints on a chain at a convention and under the Black light they did this.

I would love to see what the new grey resin looks like under a black light.

Here’s some grey (and clear) under ~395nm blacklight.  The grey definitely fluoresces, not nearly as ‘glowy’ as the clear though.  (The TRON recognizer here is clear, the others grey.)

Crap.  Apparently the orientation metadata is ignored somewhere along the line.  You get the idea at least, upside down or not. :wink:

Here’s one with some more current in to the LED and overhead lighting off.  It really does glow quite a bit.  (The 395nm light isn’t full “black” light-- there’s some visible purple element, but you can compare the clear to your results for a relative idea.)

Great pics!  You’ll find they fluoresce less the more they cure, at least that’s what I’ve noticed from the parts I’ve left to cure under a UV light.  They will also emit a slight blue hue in daylight.

I have noticed they hue in daylight as well and really like it.  Good to know it glows even better under a blacklight!  I have also if you leave the resin in daylight it will turn slightly brown.  Anyone else notice this too?

Yes, the resin will continue to cure whenever exposed to UV, and will take on an amber colouring. The colour will get darker and darker with more curing. The part will also become more brittle. As such it is best to paint the part to inhibit further curing, for a longer lasting part.

FACTOID: I have fixed a few surfboards over the years. It used to be that to harden the resin that saturate a fiberglass cloth a catalyzer was needed. Now, most boards, if not epoxy and EPS foam, use the sun hardening (photopolymer) resin that doesn’t need a separate catalyst. Over time, the hardened polyester resin would yellow. If you were desperate to seal your surfboard from absorbing saltwater (the foam is typically polyurethane core and fiberglass laminated to the exterior surfaces), you could get some boat resin for free, or just cheap, then you would, over time, see the resin turn a dirty, translucent brown. The sun would cause the resin to yellow and then brown. It also became very brittle over the years after prolonged exposure. That resin is about $11.67 per pint now. I don’t think the laminating surfboard resin I’m thinking about would work in the Form 1 though.

I noticed the same thing.  I also have no idea where else these pics would be appreciated other than this specific thread. :stuck_out_tongue: