Clear V2 resin Yellow?

I had an older topic about this exact issue, though the thread is closed. Jory suggested the light was making the resin look yellow, though I am in a white room with white light and my V2 clear resin is pretty much yellow like honey! I’m not doing much clear prints which this would be more of an issue, though does the yellowness affect the life of the resin? It was pretty much yellow when I first got it.

Clear resin does yellow with exposure to UV light. The best way to limit yellowing, is to keep resin covered and away from direct light exposure. After printing, you can coat parts with a UV protective epoxy to prevent further yellowing.

Resin in tanks generally shouldn’t yellow much as long as it’s consistently covered. I’d be curious to see pictures. It’s possible the pigment in the tank is reflecting and making the resin appear yellow.

Hi Frew. Resin is definitly yellow coloured. It has only ever been in the tank under the hood or stored in tank inside box. there is hardly any exposure to UV light. I poured it from the tank into a clear cup to filter and it is a deep yellow. As I said I am in a white room with white light. Also I have poured it from the bottle and it is yellow. Should it appear clear if you pour it into a clear cup?

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