What lights do you have in your shop?

I was wondering if any light bulbs would have a curing effect on the resin while the resin tank was setting outside the printer. So I did some digging.

This is a chart I got from the web. It shows that the best bulb would be the modern LED.

It does not matter much but I do have a very powerful set of lights to see in my shop.


Yes, the resin will cure from regular lighting, if you are removing the tray from the printer and it still has resin in it, turn down the lights and put the cover on it before turning up the lights. While it can take a while to fully cure using that type of lighting, it doesn’t take long for it to become goopy

Also something to keep in mind- the amber filter films that are commercially available (made for filtering light at 405nm, which is what the resin cure at) are advertised as filtering only around 90% of rays. I’m not sure about the Formlabs tray’s injection-molded amber plastic, perhaps it has a higher rating than these films, but I imagine it’s a similar makeup and there is a good chance there is a some transmission of cure-able light. So if you’re really concerned about preserving resin stored in your tray it may be wise to keep them in the shade, so to speak, even if the lid is on.


It sounds like it would be good to just put a cardboard box over the printer when not using it for a few weeks. Or take the tank out and put it in its box.

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